Define Strategy. Digitize. Coordinate. Repeat.

In the business world, one thing is for sure. Change is perpetual.


When you team up with Ouvéa, you have a partner to listen to your business challenges and help prioritize your short-term and long-term project goals. From there, you and your dedicated consultants will map out the project plan and design. Together, we will successfully develop and implement the project. Throughout the duration of the project, we’ll evaluate our progress to ensure targets are being met or exceeded. At Ouvéa, you’re joining industry experts with more than a decade of experience bringing project ideas to life!

At Ouvéa, it’s all about you. We start and end with your business goals.

Digital Transformation and Strategy: Creating Happy & Productive Businesses


Our team of consultants and network of experts in UI, XP, backend development, product owners, and SCRUM believe that agility and creativity are key success factors for any organization. In an ever-changing environment (IoT, AI, machine learning), the ability to hear signals, integrate them into decision processes, and perform necessary changes quickly in the company strategy are essential for growth and prosperity.


To enable our clients to regain agility and creativity, Ouvéa offers in-depth knowledge and expertise of strategic consulting and strong technical skills to help solve the complex problems their Digital, IT, HR, Finance and Sales groups face.


We operate at key stages of the business life cycle to help break out of established patterns and drive transformations that create high value. We believe in the power of collective intelligence, and act as catalyst to help you harness your full potential.

Project Management: Bringing Brilliant Ideas to Life


We bring together years of experience in successful domestic and international digital projects and the success-proven methodologies needed to accomplish challenging goals. We deploy a full range of solutions including IT and mobile applications and provide robust project management skills to clients of all sizes from enterprise-level companies to fast-growing startups. We believe experienced project managers supported by industry methodologies and certifications (Prince2, Agile, Cobit, ITIL, etc.) securely control projects and improve the project management processes, methods, tools, and operations.


At Ouvea, our project managers possess the knowledge, experience, and certifications as well as the required soft skills like leadership, motivation, and communication needed to deliver high ROI projects.

Big Data and Analytics: Let’s Make Your Data Talk, Smartly


We support companies in the control and valorisation of their data by pushing the limits of traditional decision-making approaches and using the predictive and prescriptive approaches that have become the standard of analysis (Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Lake, Data Governance, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.).


Our data analysts, business data analysts, and certified-technical consultants help our clients with the ambition to reconcile IT and business services, while taking into account the issues of data governance and the needs of organizations. Simply put, we help our clients make their data smartly talk.