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Ouvéa’s Story: The idea hatched 10,476 miles away and was brought to life in Sophia Antipolis in 2018.


Pronounced: [uˈve.a]


Ouvéa is an island located in the middle of the Pacific. It winds along the lagoon (which is a World Heritage site), and its endless beaches fringed by gorgeous palm trees, before trailing towards the deep-turquoise ocean. The lagoon’s pristine waters mirror the beauty and majesty of its dramatic cliffs that shelter a bountiful wildlife providing Ouvéa’s population with a precious food reserve.


In 2018, our founders were energized and inspired by the beauty of Ouvéa, the kindness of its people, and the diverse ecosystem which is home to so many plants and creatures that find their ideal habitat here and nowhere else on the planet. After 15 years of international consulting and project management experience, they saw a need in the market for a boutique-styled firm that specializes in all things digital and always puts people first.


The name Ouvéa, is based on the philosophy that inspired the core values of our company. Our model is similar to this unique ecosystem that works seamlessly together to achieve perfect harmony and excellence. Our talented team believes strong collaboration, communication, integrity, dedication, and innovation drive client success. Like Ouvéa’s rich ecosystem, each team member brings knowledge and expertise to the company and our diverse clients. At Ouvéa, people come first. We believe we have an incredible opportunity to make work life better and more enjoyable for people around the world through digital business, technology, and innovation.

Our mission is to empower clients to reach their full potential in digital ecosystems.


Be Transparent

Open and honest communication helps us set clear goals not just with our clients but with our team members as well.

Do the Right Thing

We put forth the highest integrity in everything we do from client projects to how we engage with team members and partners.

Give 100% for Client Success

When our clients succeed, we succeed. We're obsessed with driving client success and will not stop until we reach it.

Always Stronger Together

Whether it's with a client or team member, we value teamwork and collaboration as a means to achieve a common goal.

Think Creatively, Be Innovative

For us, innovation means using the latest technology and solutions and always thinking creatively.

Drive Value through Change

Our goal is to transform the way our clients conduct business by delivering digital solutions that drive real value.

Our Areas of Expertise and Who We Serve

Ouvéa Consulting offers the best and brightest solutions to Finance, IT, Sales, HR, and Digital groups around the world. The company brings forth creative and powerful ideas and understands the mechanisms to implement them. We deliver exceptional results for companies of all sizes and in various industries. Our always custom and personalized consultancy approach, strong emphasis on client and partner relationships, and commitment to client success allow Ouvéa to deliver high value to clients.

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