First and Foremost, We’re a People Company

Our consultants remain our most valuable asset and make us successful. As an international, boutique-styled consulting firm, we specialize in driving success in digital ecosystems. Our mission is to empower clients to reach their full potential in today’s digital-everything world and our shared values help us get there.


With expertise in digital transformation and strategy, big data and analytics, and project management, Ouvéa delivers the best and brightest solutions around the world. We bring forth creative and powerful ideas and understand how to successfully implement them. Our customized approach, strong emphasis on relationships, and commitment to client success allow Ouvéa to deliver high ROI.y

We’re united and stand behind a simple promise: “I will make every client experience exceptional.” This is known as the Ouvéa Loyalty Promise.

We’re seeking talented consultants to join our team in France.