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Digital Transformation and Strategy

We believe agility and creativity are key success factors for any organization. In an ever-changing environment (IoT, AI, machine learning), the ability to hear signals, integrate them into decision processes, and perform necessary changes quickly in the company strategy are essential for growth and prosperity. We operate at key stages of the business life cycle to help you break out of established patterns and drive transformations and create high value.

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Project Management

We bring together years of experience in global digital projects and the success-proven methodologies needed to accomplish goals. We deploy and offer project management for a full range of solutions and believe experienced project managers supported by methodologies and industry certifications securely control projects and improve project management processes, methods, tools, and operations. Our team possesses the knowledge, experience, and certifications as well as the required soft skills needed to deliver high ROI.

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Big Data and Analytics

We support companies in the control and valorisation of their data by pushing the limits of traditional decision-making approaches and using the predictive and prescriptive approaches that have become the standard of analysis. Our analysts and certified-technical consultants help clients with the ambition to reconcile IT and business services, while taking into account the issues of data governance and the needs of organizations. We help our clients make their data smartly talk.

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Digital Revolution: Perfect Storm or Perfect Opportunity to Excel?

Ouvéa Consulting is ready to help you leverage this opportunity.

With expertise and experience in transformative technologies. 

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Apps & Analytics


Mobile Apps

Big Data & Analytics

Digital Strategy

Cyber Security

Digital Customer Experiences

Ready for a new perspective?

As a fast-growing consulting firm with international clients, our team tackles challenging and interesting projects. We’re currently hiring in both Paris and Sophia Antipolis. In addition to our shared values, our team spirit encompasses four important features: creativity, resilience, determination, and optimism. If these four characteristics come easy to you and you’re ready to accelerate your career, check out our current job opportunities today!

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Client Focused, Results Driven

“The team integral to benchmarking global best practices in promoting digital content markets as well as directly interfacing with SMEs in the Saudi market to ensure that the strategy linked to industry trends and dynamics. The initiative and ability to manage such challenging clients and complex projects in emerging markets and Europe have always impressed.”

Some of Our Successful Projects

Digital Transformation

With a team of developers, we launched 12 innovative business apps. These mobile apps were linked to the ERP, simplifying operations for employees and allowing managers to access live data. Areas of focus: agile methodology, project management, management of developers, IoT, mobile apps, and big data.

Project Management

To sustain the tremendous growth of the company, complex and large digital projects were launched including data centers. There was a dire need for talented project managers to deliver results. Areas of focus: PMI methodology, agile methodology, and managing complex IT projects for global operations.